Easy 3-step process to get your rebates

Now that you have finished the hard work of installing energy efficient equipment or other improvements to your building, Efficiency Works Business wants to make it easier to reduce the up-front costs so you or your client can continue to save on utility bills and operate more sustainably. Simply follow our three-step process to apply for your facility retrofit rebate.

If you have any questions, contact us at 970-229-4823 or business@efficiencyworks.org

Rebates Step 1
Step 1
Select the types of rebates you want from the menu below.
Rebates Step 1
Step 2
Provide location and utility information.
Rebates Step 1
Step 3
Complete the application forms for the rebates selected, including client/facility information, attach documents pertaining to the rebates and click "submit."

For a limited time, earn a 50% bonus for rebates when upgrading eligible lighting, food service, grocery, office and appliance, building envelope, cooling, VFDs, and water equipment. Upgrades must be completed and submitted for payment by November 15, 2023. Funding for the bonus is subject to availability and standard rebate caps.